Hire Rates and Fees

Activity Rooms

Prices listed are per room, two rooms available. Each room is 10 metres wide by 8 metres long, with the option of hiring both rooms to combine floor space.




Complete Centre

Exclusive use of the centre. You will have access to all rooms and outside.

Not For Profit $ 35.00 per hour

Commercial  $55.00 per hour


All above hire prices include use of the following facilities:

Full Kitchen suitable for all functions

Tables, chairs and use of outdoor fully secured playgroud

Secure parking with lighting and CCTV

Disabled facilities

Terms and Conditions

The Greenfields Family and Community Centre is a smoke free building.

Activities of all users of the Greenfields Family and Community Centre are to fit in with the philosophy of the Centre, which is:

To provide a welcoming, supportive and caring environment for all who use the Centre

Any person or group wishing to hire the Family Centre building shall make application to the Centre Manager or Management Committee. Applicants under the age of 21 years must have an adult guarantor over the age of 25 years who must be present at the function.

Please note the following agreement:

Greenfields Family and Community Centre (Inc.) is a community centre supporting individual families and their needs. If a user group is not in line with our key outcomes and has requested available timeslot during core hours the user is granted the timeslot on a temporary basis. If another group applies for the same timeslot in line with our targeted community needs they have priority and the timeslot will be allocated to them. In accordance with their signed contract we will try to negotiate another vacant timeslot for the existing user group. If this does not suit then the relationship will be terminated in accordance with their contract.

All hirers of the Family Centre are subject to the one of payment of a bond of up to $150 and relevant hourly hire charges.

The Management Committee requests at least 5 working days notice ($25) of cancellation of a booking. In the event of less than 5 working days notice, the full hire cost is charged.

Casual bookings shall be paid at the time of booking. A bond shall apply to all casual bookings, to be paid at the time of booking, to be fully refunded on return of key if building is left in a satisfactory condition. Payment of bond is required to cover any damage to the building or equipment during the term of hire. The hirer is liable for any damage or loss in excess of the bond deposited.

At the time of booking and payment a front door key and security code will be issued.

Booking times must include setup and pack away times.

The behaviour of all persons within the Family Centre is the responsibility of the hirer.

The hirer shall ensure that any person in or about the Centre will not:

  • Behave in a disorderly or offensive manner
  • Use indecent language
  • Be in an intoxicated condition
  • Create or take part in any disturbance
  • Cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other user group in the Family Centre or persons in nearby premises
  • Smoke in or around any area of the building

Conditions of Use

The hirer is responsible to ensure no person shall:

  • Deface or damage the building or any equipment belonging to the Family Centre or any other User Group
  • Place any nails or screws in any part of the building without prior consent of the Management Committee
  • Remove or replace any electrical fitting, equipment or fixtures in the building without the prior consent of the Management Committee
  • Use any illegal substances in the Centre or its surrounding premises
  • Serve or sell any alcohol in or about the building except in circumstances approved by the Committee, and must obtain and show the necessary permits to the Committee or its representative
  • Serve alcohol to any person under the age of eighteen (18) or to persons visibly affected by alcohol
  • Sale of alcohol is not permitted under any circumstances

The hirer, at the conclusion of the session/function, shall leave the Centre in a clean and tidy condition. Clean up must be completed at the conclusion of the function.

Cleaning shall include:

  • Removing and placing all rubbish in the bins provided in the building
  • Turning off all electrical lights (including toilets), the urn in the kitchen and air conditioning
  • Sweep and mop floors if required
  • Locking all doors, closing and locking all windows and ensuring security system is armed before departing
  • Reporting any damage or defacement to the designated person or in the communication book provided near the office.

If the keys need to be returned (eg casual booking), please return to the Centre Coordinator on the first available day of business. The office is usually open between 9:00am – 2:00pm Monday (except on public holidays).


  • Children under the age of 18 are the responsibility of adults and must be supervised at all times inside and outside the building
  • Please check outside areas and rake sandpits before letting children outside
  • There are strictly NO children permitted in the kitchen at any time.  The Management Committee accepts no responsibility in the event of injuries etc
  • Please close the doors of the room(s) you have hired and do not allow children to roam around the Centre unsupervised
  • No children are permitted in the storerooms

Unless payment for a booking of the whole Centre is made, all user groups are requested to be aware that it is possible others are using the Centre at the same time. Please show respect and courtesy to other groups using the Family Centre.

The Hirer may only use the space for the purpose shown on the application form and approved by Management.